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Recreational ice skates for all-round use

The ice hockey skates in this category are intended for recreational use for all ages – kids as well as adults. They are inexpensive all-round skates and many of them provide good ankle support.

You can use the ice hockey skates on this page for play as well as exercise or you can bring a hockey stick and play ice hockey with your friends. When the ponds are frozen and the local authorites say that it is safe to skate on ice, you can take a cruise on ponds or go to a local ice skating rink where they might even have disco skating and other great events.

Ice skating is a fun activity for everyone no matter whether you are a one the more experienced ones who swoosh by or a beginner who reminds more of Bambi on the ice. There’s room for everyone on the ice rink, and you’ll be surprised how fast you can actually learn to keep balance on the ice.

Benefits of having your personal recreational ice skates

Having your own pair of recreational ice skates includes several benefits for you:

Save money

If you want to go skating a few times every winter season, it can quickly become expensive to rent a pair at the skate arena every time. Recreational ice skates come at low prices so having your own pair can quickly make you save quite a lot of money already during first season.

Skate whenever you want

When you have your own all-round ice skates, you are no longer dependent on any opening hours for leasing skates and you avoid the lines. This way you can go to an open ice rink whenever you feel like it – be it very early in the morning or late at night. The ice rink will probably also be less crowded, giving you enough space to practise tricks or skating fast.

Shaped to your feet

The more you use your recreational ice skates, the better you will break them in and get the right fit for you. Therefore it can be an advantage having your own instead of renting new skates every time – skates that have been worn by many feet and shapes before you.

By using the same pair you also gain more trust in them and with this more confident to learn to skate faster, make tricks or the likes.

Hybrid ice skates

Hybrid ice skates are a newer product that combine the comfort from fitness inline skates with the blade from ice hockey skates. They provide very high comfort with their soft boot and if you already have a pair of inline skates, the shift from summer skating to winter ice skating will feel like a breeze.

Check out our selection of recreational ice skates and hybrid ice skates on this page and find yourself a pair that fits your taste and needs.