Inline skate buckles


A rollerblade buckle takes a serious beating

The rollerblade buckle is one of the parts of your skates, that will be worn down at some point. Especially if you are an aggressive skater, the inline skate buckles will take a serious beating once in a while.

In this category, you can find our selection of inline skate buckles. The skate buckles here are specially designed for inline skates but can also be used for some quad roller skates.

The rollerblade buckle is designed to endure heavy impact, but sometimes it does break. If this is the case for you, you can fix your skates with new buckles instead of throwing the whole skate away.

If the inline skate buckle breaks, get a new one - fast

If your rollerblade buckles are broken, you should consider getting a new buckle as fast as possible. Even though you might be able to fasten your skates pretty good only by using the laces, this will not give you the optimal ankle support.

It’s not always necessary to buy your new buckles from the same brands as your skates since the mounting is often pretty universal. That being said, there are a few brands that won’t fit with just any buckle. If a buckle is manufactured for a particular brand or rollerskate, this will be stated in the product description.

Here at SkatePro, we have a 365 days return policy which means, that you can return any product if it’s in the same condition and box as you bought it in.

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