SUP Paddles

Good to know

Why do you need a SUP paddle?

You can buy the best board in the world, but without a proper sup paddle, the potential of your board alone won’t get you very far. You can say, that the best SUP paddle is the one that makes your job the easiest. Depending on your needs the "job" the paddle has to do can vary.

If you are touring and primary on flatwater, your goal is to find something light, with the right angle and surface area. If this is in place, the result will be an efficient and powerful stroke.

If you own a shared board, that the family takes turns on, you’ll probably want a sup paddle that is adjustable and durable.

What material should my SUP paddle be?

Like most surf gear, paddle board paddles are being produced in various different materials.

The benefits of a Carbon-fibre paddle is the performance and lightweight. Carbon paddles come in both fixed length and with adjustable options. If your goal is to minimise weight, a carbon paddle in a fixed length should be your choice.

If you are on a budget, an Aluminium SUP paddle might be your choice.

A wood paddle is usually a one piece-constructed. This gives a classic look and lighter design. A wood SUP paddle can cost you a little more, but it is very stylish and is usually used as a decoration on the wall.

Fibreglass is the choice if you are looking for a paddle, that balances cost with performance. A versatile and lightweight material.

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