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SUP Paddles For Your Water Adventures

A paddleboard paddle is essential to help you paddle, balance and steer on your SUP. Only one paddle is needed, and with the correct technique and right paddle length, you are off to a great start. When buying a new paddle for paddleboarding there are a few things to consider with paddle length being the main one. This is discussed below to put you on the right path.

What Size Paddle Should I Get For SUP?

The length of SUP paddles varies depending on the type of paddling you want to do. Recreational stand up paddling is the most common, and the paddle length should be around 20 cm (8 inches) taller than the user. Paddles for surfing tend to be shorter than this, and racers normally choose a longer paddle.

Adjustable SUP paddles are an excellent choice for recreational paddling or a family. The length can be easily fixed to suit a taller or shorter person within seconds.

Other than the length, the stand up paddle material can affect the performance and also price. Aluminium paddles are affordable and do the basics, while paddles made from carbon fibre or wood are better for racers or experienced paddlers.

Another essential piece of equipment for paddleboards is the paddle leash. For safety reasons and convenience, you should always have one attached to you. Check out our collections here - SUP Leashes.

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