Roller Skate Wheels

Wheel width
Wheel hardness
Bearings and spacers

On this page you will find roller skate wheels for outdoor and indoor use in various sizes and colours, so you can find something that suits your needs and taste. And if you are into Friday night skating, we are sure that the light up wheels will be a sure hit in the night, adding colours to the trip.

All roller skate wheels are sold without bearings (unless otherwise stated). Some wheels are sold individually, others in sets of 4. Read the description presented on each product page to get more information about the specific wheel.

Wheel diameter

Quad skate wheels are very different from inline wheels. The quad skate wheels have another diameter which typically is 62-70 mm. With wider wheels you will experience that balancing on the skates becomes easier. This is because the wheels have larger surface contact, which provides more rolling resistance and therefore better control.

The diameter also affects how fast you can accelerate and how well you can keep pace. With a higher diameter you achieve a higher speed, but in turn, with a lower diameter manoeuvring the roller skates becomes easier.

Wheel hardness

You will find both outdoor and indoor side-by-side wheels on this page. Outdoor wheels for roller skates are softer, providing you with a better grip on the asphalt. They typically have a hardness between 78A-82A. Indoor wheels are, however, harder and have a higher A-rating. These wheels are suitable as, for example, Derby wheels that you use indoor. Some of the roller skate wheels on this page are also suitable for hockey and aggressive skating.