Axles for Inline Skates


When Should I Replace My Inline skate Axles?

Even though the axles on your inline skates are very durable, there will be a time, where you have to replace them. The most common problem for a set of inline skate axles is that they simply break in half. Another typical problem can be found in the thread that gets worn out after multiple bearings and wheels replacements.

Luckily inliner axles are a very cheap part to replace. This is why many skaters choose to replace all of their axles when one of them breaks. You also have the opportunity to buy single inline skates axles, which of course, is the right solution for some skaters.

Major skating brands recommend that you buy new axles and screws with each wheel change. However, this isn’t necessary unless you see visible wear and tear on the parts that are in direct contact with the wheel spacers. A set of inline skate axles should be able to live through a couple of sets of wheels.

What Size Are Inliner Axles?

All recent wheels and frames mount 6 mm or 8 mm inline skate axles. Very old models mount 7 mm axles and should be paired with special bearings with an inner diameter of 7 mm. Before buying a new set of inline skates axles, check the specifics of your frames and wheels to be sure about the correct size.

How to Loosen a Stuck Axle

If you are in that sad situation, that one of your axles are stuck in the frame of your skate, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. This happens to almost everyone at some point, but especially for new skaters who are afraid to lose the axle or wheel while skating and therefore tighten the inliner axles too much.

To get the stuck axles out, you should try giving it some lubricant and let it rest for the night. If the axles haven't loosened up during the night, you can try the next method.

For this, you should use a hacksaw to cut a flat slot in the screw head. When the slot is deep enough, you take a flathead screwdriver and use it to loosen the Axle. Still no luck? Let’s bring out the heavy artillery.

You have to drill it out. Get your electronic drill and a drill that is approx the same size as the screw head. Then very slowly let the drill work its way through the screw head. When it has come off, you should be able to push the axle right through. Note: Be very careful not to damage the frame, when using this method.

In need of tools to replace your axles? Check our Inline skate Tools page.

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