Skateboard Elbow Pads


Should I Wear Elbow pads for Skateboarding?

Whether you want to wear elbow protectors is ultimately up to you, but having a pair will help avoid cuts and bruises to your elbows. Damaging this area can result in a lengthy injury that can stop you from skating for a while.

You will find a variety of elbow guards available on the market varying by size and how hard they are. Hard pads will feature a large plastic shell on the outer layer. Softer pads place more emphasis on comfort and use foam technology to help absorb any impacts from falls. With regards to the size, you can go for a pad that just covers the elbow or a longer sleeve or gasket-style protection.

Remember that skate pads are not just for skateboarding! Wearing skate elbow pads are also handy if you enjoy longboarding and cruising.

How to Wear Skateboard Elbow pads

You should wear your pads so that they feel secure and snug but do not restrict your range of motion. If it’s hard to bend your arm, then this is a sign that they are too tight. Some styles of pads come with Velcro straps, so you can easily adjust these to your size.

As softer pads are generally smaller, these can often be worn underneath clothing, while the bigger, harder pads are to be worn over. Moreover, many elbow pads are built with an ergonomic and lightweight design, ensuring that wearing protection won’t interfere with your skating.

Elbow pads are just one part of the protective gear you should wear when skating. If you need the full set, have a look at our 3-Pack Protection Sets.

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