Skateboard Helmets & Longboard Helmets

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You should always wear a skateboard helmet

Quite often we hear the phrase, "Skateboarding saved my life", however, it is still an action sport and the risks of injury are quite high. So if you want to really save yourself some trouble, wearing a skateboard helmet is a must.

Skate helmets are made to take a beating and help your progression

It is not hard to imagine that an impact during skateboarding can be very serious since we are talking a hard surface as concrete park bowl, or asphalt street, or a metal rail. You won't want any of those getting anywhere near your skull so you'd better get yourself a skate or longboard helmet.

But on top of this, when you know that you are safe, you often feel more relaxed and it is easier to let go of your fear and actually perform better.

Multi-purpose skateboarding helmets

And since the impact surface is one of the hardest during a fall in skateboarding, those helmets are often made with multi-purpose use characteristics. That means you can use your skate helmet also when biking, scootering, roller skating, and similar roller sports. Just make sure to check the certification of your skateboarding helmet.

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