Back Protectors for Skiing


Wear a Back Protector When Skiing

Back protection for skiing is now considered a common and necessary piece of protective gear to wear. What was once only used by extreme skiers performing dangerous stunts, are now used by many adults and children on their annual ski holiday. Ski back protectors, also known as ski protector vests, are designed to absorb impacts from falls, prevent hard or pointy objects from damaging you, and provide spine protection.

The two main types are hard shell back protectors and soft shell back protectors. Hardshell protectors are made with strong plastic, such as polycarbonate. Softshell protectors use a softer, absorbent foam material that is lighter but offers less protection.

How Should A Ski Spine Protector Fit?

Ski back protectors are normally worn directly over the ski base layers, followed by the mid layer and outer layer. Similar to the base layer fit, the back protectors should sit close against your body while not restricting movement. The top of the padded area should cover the base of the neck and run all the way down to the tailbone.

There is a European Safety Standard that many ski back protectors are approved for. You can find this info in the product's specifications as EN-approved 1621-2 (level 1 or 2). The difference between levels 1 and 2 is that the latter offers a greater amount of shock absorption. This safety standard is also used for motorcycle back protection.

It’s important to remember that wearing a ski back protector does not make you invincible, but it can greatly reduce or prevent many injuries to one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Your head can be the most vulnerable body part while skiing, so check out our high-quality and certified range of Ski Helmets.

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