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A crucial BMX part

The BMX stunt bike frame is the biggest and most expensive of the BMX parts, but it's very important for your style of riding and for your progression as a rider. When choosing the right BMX stunt bike frame, for you BMX stunt bike aka freestyle BMX bike, size is actually mostly based on personal preferences. There are a few pointers that can help you if you are a beginner and haven’t obtained experience enough to have an opinion about the frame size for your BMX stunt bike.

A rule of thumb is, that a shorter top tube length of a BMX freestyle frame, equals a more responsive BMX stunt bike, while a longer top tube offers a more controlled frame.

Should my headtube angle be steep or flat?

The headtube angle also plays a big factor in the responsiveness of the BMX stunt bike. A steep headtube angle calls for a shorter wheelbase, this can make turns sharper. A lot of park and street riders prefer a steep angle of the headtube. The flatter angle is usually preferred by trail riders because it gives a better control at high speed.

What about Chainstay length?

When talking about the responsiveness of the BMX stunt frame, the chainstay length (the rear end of the BMX frame) is a great factor. The chainstay length typically varies from 12 to 14 inches depending on the frame. Most trail riders prefer a longer rear end since it's more controlled. Park/street riders often prefer a shorter rear end to give them a more responsive bike for fast spins and sharp turns.

To sum the toptube, headtube and chainstay talk up: If you are a park or street rider, you probably want a frame with a short top tube, a steep angle on the headtube and a pretty short rear end. If you are a trail rider you probably want just the opposite, but again - it's primarily about your personal preference.

Hi-ten steel vs. Chromoly

The material of the BMX frame for BMX stunt bikes is typically hi-ten steel or a combination of chromoly and hi-ten steel. These materials are heavy, however, at the same time, they are extremely durable, which is an advantage when you perform stunts.

Most freestyle BMX frames are produced in hi-ten steel tubing. In order to provide more hardness for the hi-ten steel, in some cases manufacturers’ add chromoly. The freestyle BMX frames material will be stated in the specifications. Frames with chromoly will be called chromoly, others will be called hi-ten.

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