T-tools / Skate tools for skateboards


Skateboard tools - a skateboarder's best friend

Check out our selection of multi-, Y- and T-tools on this page. All the tools in this category can be used for your skateboard and are therefore skateboard tools.

Having a skate tool is a must – especially if you skate a lot. There is nothing worse than arriving at the skatepark or your favourite spot, skating for a few minutes and then having a loose screw or bolt which forces you to walk all the way home for repairs.

With your own skate tool you can quickly maintain and fix the different parts of your skateboard, and armed with a so-called skateboard T-tool, you can fix almost every problem right there on the spot. The tool can also be used for a lot of other fixes and repairs than the ones on your skateboard.

A skateboard T-tool will save the day

The small size of the skateboard tool also makes it handy to have in your bag when you are out skating – ready to use on the spot. If you do not already have one, you should get one – it's truly a skateboarder's best friend - right after the board itself of course!

As you can see, we have quite a few different skateboard tools that actually can carry out the exact same job. So when you have to decide which tool to choose, you should go for your favourite design. We will, of course, recommend the SkatePro tool, but all the other brands that we carry produce T-tools of the same high quality.

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