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Waveboards Are Built for Street Surfing

A waveboard, also known as a caster board, wave skate or vigor board, is a board that has been built to provide unique street surfing experiences. This is why they have a distinct shape and other features that differentiate them from other boards such as skateboards and longboards.

Waveboards give you a fun surf-like riding experience that makes them stand out in the skate world. You can cruise, carve, or even perform tricks with a waveboard.

The Characteristics of Waveboards

One of the most recognizable features of caster boards is their deck, as they do not come with one singular deck. Instead, a waveboard has two narrow deck plates connected by a torsion bar. The torsion bar is often made of steel and is an important part of powering the waveboard’s movement.

Unlike other boards, waveboards come with only two wheels - one at the front and one at the back. These wheels can rotate 360° because they are attached to casters instead of trucks. Furthermore, waveboard wheels are usually 76-78 mm in size and softer than those on a skateboard. Because there are only two wheels on a caster board, they tend to wear out quite fast - especially if they are on the softer side.

Should You Get a Caster Board?

A wave skate can be used by people of all ages, and it is a good option for everyone looking for a new kind of riding experience. However, your level of balance and mobility can affect how easily you learn to ride a waveboard. If you have already ridden a skateboard or longboard before, learning how to waveboard is probably going to be easier.

You should be able to easily stand with your feet on the two deck plates. It is also important to ride a waveboard the right size, as balance alone is not enough. Remember to also check the weight limit of the individual boards, as they can vary between models.

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