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Twin Tip Skis Are Best in the Snowpark

Twin tip skis are designed to perform tricks in the snowpark and on natural features in ski resorts. Also named freestyle skis or park skis, they are perfect for hitting jumps, grinding on rails and sliding on boxes.

Snowparks will generally have different size jumps and obstacles, called features, for different levels of skiers. It is advised that you should be an accomplished skier outside the snowpark before entering for the first time.

How Are Freestyle Skis Different?

The name “twin tip” describes the symmetrical upwards curve of the skis where the tips and tails are. This makes it easier for the skier to land tricks backward, as well as approach features skiing backward. Other freestyle skis can have partial twin tips, described as tip and tail rocker. The tips are more curved than the tails, which is also a common feature in all mountain skis and freeride skis. The overall design of freestyle skis makes them very versatile, and they can be skied in many areas of the mountains.

The mounting point of bindings on freestyle skis tends to be different from traditional skis. The recommended mounting point is closer to the true centre of the skis, whereas piste skis have a mounting point closer to the tails. The advantages are that skiing backward is more stable and the skis are more balanced on rails and boxes. Every pair of skis has an indicated mounting point where the ski designers recommended the bindings to be placed. Following this is generally the best choice, but some skiers have their own preferences.

To find out what length of twin tip ski would be right for you, check out our Twin Tip Ski Size chart. If you want to get an overview of all the ski types, then visit Buying Skis for Intermediates for more details.

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