Skate Bags & Backpacks

We have bags for every purpose

Are you in need of a skate bag to transport your roller skates, quads or ice skates across town, or maybe a fanny pack to carry your mobile, wallet or keys when you are out skating or just out and around hanging out? Or are you looking for a backpack to transport your laptop, tablet, and books to school or work, or maybe you are on the hunt for a sturdy bag to transport your gear across countries and over long distances? We got what you need.

We know the importance of being able to transport your gear around in a safe and comfortable manner. In our wide selection of bags, you’ll find all sorts of sizes and models from small fanny packs to big travel bags with wheels and bags to transport skis and snowboards.

In our ski and snowboard category, you'll also find bags and belts that are made for high-performance sports like cross country skiing and roller skiing, where weight, shape, fit and usability are important.

Made to withstand wear and tear

All of our bags have one thing in common. They are all high quality and made to resist the wear and tear that all bags are exposed to.

In this category, you’ll find brands like Douchebags, Herschel, Burton, Dakine, SkiGo, Globe and many other. All chosen because they are the strongest brands when it comes to quality, design, and price.

From skate bags over fanny packs and backpacks to ski, snowboard and travel bags. No matter what you can be sure, that we got your bag.