Cross Country Ski Boots - Classic

Shoe size
Compatible Binding System

A cross country classic ski boot should fit perfectly

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced skier, there are not many things worse, that getting your feet into a pair of ski boots, that doesn't fit and making your feet sore within a few hours.

A thing to consider in this context is, that many people use a thicker sock in cross country ski boots than in an alpine ski boot. That is why the boots should be around a half to a full size larger than your running shoes.

The cross country classic ski boots in this category are designed for both beginners and experienced skiers. When you are a beginner, your primary focus should be on keeping your feet warm with a thicker liner together with choosing a set of boots that provide a right amount of support around the heel and ankles. To some extent, this extra support prohibits your ankles from getting in positions where it causes sprains or other damage. This type of boot is suitable for the annual skiing holiday.

A classic cross country ski boot for the more experienced skier is often lighter if you compare them to boots for beginners. Besides the weight, the main difference comes with a thinner liner. This makes the boots less hot and makes it more flexible. The more advanced boots are created with a stiffer heel counter, which provides maximal power transfer, which is important for achieving higher speeds.