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Inline Skate Spacers

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What Are Spacers for Inline Skates?

Roller blade wheel spacers are the small pieces that are placed between the two bearings in each wheel of your inline skates. They exist in different sizes (6 mm or 8 mm), so be sure you know which spacers your wheels use before purchasing new ones. This will usually be stated on the wheel or on your old spacer.

Having quality roller blade spacers makes sure that your bearings are held securely in place and that your wheels will spin freely. The spacers take some of the weight off the bearings and also reduce friction. They are usually made from metal or plastic, but it is more common to get spacers made from longer-lasting metal, often aluminum.

Choosing the Right Inline Skate Spacers

There are two types of spacers you can choose from: 6mm or 8mm. This number is referring to the axle diameter, so the size you need depends on your axle size. A 6mm spacer, also known as a long sleeve spacer, will work for a 6 mm axle. Likewise, an 8mm spacer, also called a floating spacer, will fit an 8 mm axle. If you want to know more about the differences between the two types of spacers, then head over to our Spacers Guide.

If you’re planning on getting some spacers, you might also want to consider upgrading your Bearings, so you can get that optimal skating experience.

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