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Skimboard Equipment

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Gain traction, nail your tricks

Wax or traction pads are crucial when it comes to skimboarding, especially when you are aiming for those nice tricks you are dreaming of even during daytime. Not even a pro can land a pop-shuvit if their foot goes flying out from underneath them while they are trying to look cool.

When it comes to skimboarding, you really don't want a slippery or unstable standing area. Wax is a must-do, and if you want even more grip, you might also want to mount some kind of skimboard traction pad. Especially if you plan to surf some waves, this is a very sound investment.

What type of skimboard traction pads should I get?

Traction pads are generally pretty similar, it’s the setups that differ the most. Some traction pads have a smaller area than others, and some are just made out of different minor patches, so you have the possibility to customise the setup any way you like. The pattern can also vary, but this is mainly a matter of personal opinion since every one of our skimboard traction pads does the job very good.

Should I still use skimboard wax if I use traction pads?

Yes, this would be a very good idea. Traction pads isn't a substitution for skimboard wax, it's a supplement for maximum grip. Sometimes when you’re all-in on a wave, your foot may slide off the pad and onto the board. With a non-waxed board, your foot will just slide right off and you will crash. This will not be the case with a prober waxed board.

What about a Skimboard bag?

Even though a skimboard is easier to transport than a full-size surfboard, it's pretty handy to use a skimboard bag when you are in transit. In this category, you will also find our wide assortment of different skimboard bags.

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