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Characteristics of freeskates

Freeskates, also called freeride and freestyle skates, are a wide category, containing inline skates for many different purposes. But they still have some similarities. They have medium size wheels that are placed rather close to each other. They are characterised by the hard boot which provides extra protection, making them apt for tricks. Except for these general characteristics, the appearance of the freeskates can differ a lot. Some of them look like fitness inline skates while others look more like aggressive skates, with smaller wheels and a robust boot. Some freeskates have larger wheels in the middle, for easy turns. These are suitable for slalom.

Here you can find our selection of freeride and freestyle skates, a new type of inline skates, suitable for modern urban inline skating, which is becoming increasingly popular. They are more robust than normal inline skates and they are made for skaters who want the maximum freedom while skating.

How can I use freestyle skates?

The freeskate is a hybrid inline skate which features elements from both fitness inline skates and some of the more durable inline skates, such as those used for hockey and aggressive. This means that they can be used for slalom, agility skating, workouts as well as for roller hockey and tricks.

Freeskates are also known by the name urban skates, because they are used in urban settings. One of the reasons for the popularity of freestyle skates is that they can be used in many different ways. You can use your freeskates for trips around town as well as tricks without having to change from one pair of skates to another. Furthermore, they are comfortable and provide great ankle support. Note that if your inline skates are to be used solely for tricks, you need aggressive skates instead of freestyle skates.

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