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What Are Speed skates?

Inline speed skates are designed for confident and experienced skaters who want to move as fast as possible. Speed skating skates are designed for speed and performance, rather than comfort. The skates are noticeable for their big wheels, and their frames which are longer than the boot. This design will help you reach higher speeds faster.

Speed roller skates are tight with little padding, and this ultra-stiff design allows for a great power transfer. Inline speed skates are also longer than other types of skates. This design provides the skater with more stability and allows them to reach higher speeds. In addition, the lower-cut ankle boot gives it a shoe-like appearance and also allows for great motion and power transfer.

What Inline Speed skates Should I Choose?

When choosing your skate it is important to get one with a tight, snug fit. When buying your boots they will come with wheels however many skaters like to customise these based on their own style. The size of wheels typically varies between 90mm to 125mm and it is up to you what size you want.

Inline speed skates are normally used to race over shorter distances. So, if you are looking to travel longer distances, then you may want to consider getting a pair of Endurance Skates. Likewise, if you want to travel at a steadier pace, have a look at our Inline skates that can be used for fitness and recreational skating.

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