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Grind your way to success with a pair of BMX pegs

BMX pegs are an essential part of a Freestyle BMX. Just imagine doing a feeble or smith grind without them! BMX pegs are mainly used for street and park riding. Thus they are only used for Freestyle BMX bikes. You can use the BMX bmx pegs when you want to grind curbs and rails. You mount the BMX pegs on the axles on the wheels.

Steel vs. plastic! Which BMX bmx pegs should I choose

The stunt pegs for BMX are available in this category are made of steel or plastic. Steel bmx pegs are perfect for riding street BMX, where you’re grinding rails and ledges. Steel pegs are heavy and durable and can take a lot of abuse.

The lightweight plastic pegs are primarily used by park riders. They weigh less but are not as durable as the steel pegs. On the other hand, plastic BMX pegs are great for sliding on aluminium and other materials, that steel doesn't slide well. Furthermore, plastic BMX pegs are easy and cheap to replace when they get worn or when they break.

Take care of your BMX pegs

Here a little tip for you: Remember to rotate your pegs once in a while, In that way, they’ll last longer.

If you are doing a lot of grinding, you should consider getting a pair of hub guards to protect your spokes from breaking. Check out our great selection of quality hub guards here.

Be aware that you need the following tools to mount your new pegs!

  • Ratchet.
  • 15mm, 17mm or 19mm deep socket and extension.
  • 5mm Allen key
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