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BMX Bike Tools


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BMX Bike Tools for Repairs on the Go

Being prepared with the correct BMX tools means you can make repairs and adjustments whenever you need to. BMX bikes can handle a lot of rough treatment and are very hard to break, but keeping bolts, spokes, pedals tightened and secured will keep you riding safely.

Many tools can be bought together in a BMX tool kit. Spoke wrenches, chain breakers and Allen keys are the common tools found in these multi kits, but they can also be bought individually.

How Do I Know What Size BMX Spoke Spanner to Get?

If you are unsure what size spoke spanner you need, the best way is to measure the spoke nipples that connect to the rim and hub. Using an accurate measuring tool like a caliper, you will get the nipple size and be able to choose the correct BMX spanner accordingly.

If you need to replace BMX nipples or spokes on your bike, then you can find more of these parts at BMX Wheel Parts.

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