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Aggressive Inline Frames Are Built for Grinding

Aggressive frames are one of the most important parts of your setup. Not only do they hold the wheels in place, but it is what you grind on when skating - a key part of the sport. In most cases, the frames are made of thick-walled plastics so they can put up with the hard impacts that come with grinding.

All aggressive frames are made to support the Universal Frame System (UFS) for mounting, meaning that the frames are compatible with all aggressive boots, regardless of brand. With UFS frames, it is far easier and convenient to customise your aggressive skate.

The Different Types of Aggressive Skate Frames

You’ll see a variety of designs for aggressive inline skate frames but the three main styles are anti-rocker, flat, and freestyle.


Anti-rocker frames are the most popular style and are generally what is recommended for those looking to start aggressive skating. Here, four wheels are attached to each frame but the middle two wheels are smaller and made of hard plastic. This design leaves space for a large groove in the middle where you can grind.


Flat frames are built to support four wheels of the same size. Unlike with an anti-rocker system, every wheel will touch the ground. This construction gives you the best handling of all the setups and makes it perfect for skating bowl and skating transition. As your weight will be distributed evenly, your wheels are also likely to last longer.


Freestyle frames are recognizable for only having two wheels on each foot. This leaves the frame with a large groove in the middle. Because of this design, these frames are optimal for grinding and ensure that you won’t get any wheel bite. With a freestyle frame, you have the possibility of grinding on a wider range of obstacles.

Whatever style of frame you decide to go for, it’s important that it will be big enough for your wheels. If you’re looking to get a new set of wheels for your aggressive setup, then head over to our Aggressive Skate Wheels page.

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