Aggressive Skate Frames

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It’s more than just an aggressive skate frame

If you think that an aggressive skate frame is just a rail to hold the wheels in place you are terribly wrong. The aggressive frames are the skaters' opportunity to personalise hers or his inline skates so the skates fit the slide and gliding preferences of the skater.

As you can see, we have quite a few different frames. We have aggressive frames that hold the wheels in an asymmetric way, that provides extra space in the middle. This gives the skater a very responsive ride and allows him or her to grind most spots. If you want to grind almost anything up to the size of a medium-sized lodge, you should choose one of the frames with no anti-rocker setup.

The frame is also a great way to express some personal style since the frames come in various different colours. So why not use a little time to find just the right colour to fit your personal style?

Our skate frames are UFS compatible

All our aggressive skate frames are UFS compatible. UFS frames always fit all UFS skates across different brands and sizes. This makes changing your old worn down or broken skate frames to a pair of new ones an easy task - all ready for new aggressive stunts.

In our opinion, the UFS skate frames are one of the best things that have happened to custom aggressive skates since the standard allows the skater to choose an aggressive skate frame that is manufactured by a whole other brand than the rest of the inline skate.

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