Ski Gloves and Snowboard Gloves


Ski gloves gloves are an important part of your ski gear. If you are cold or have wet fingers, you won’t cope being out in the snow for very long. If your ski gloves are too small, they will give you cold fingers, so make sure you have a little extra space in the ski gloves. Choose a good pair of gloves, and make sure to always bring an extra pair of dry ski gloves with you.

Whether it's for skiing, snowball fights or a walk in the cold winter weather, we have the right gloves for you.

Ski gloves

You can typically choose between two types of ski gloves:

Short ski gloves that just goes over your wrist and provide more mobility - especially at the wrist.
Longer ski gloves that go a little up the sleeve of your jacket and protects against knocks and snow inside the sleeve.

There are benefits with both kinds of gloves, so in the end it's a personal preference, that should determine the choice of ski or snowboard gloves.

Ski mittens

Ski mittens are warmer than ski gloves because your fingers are together, however, ski mittens won’t provide nearly the same mobility as ski gloves with separate fingers. There are also three-finger ski mittens, which are a mix between ski mittens and ski gloves.

Snowboard gloves

Snowboarding gloves and snowboard mittens often have some other details compared to ski gloves. Some models have built-in wrist guards which protect the wrist better when falling.