Finger Skateboards


A Fingerboard Is a Pocket-Sized Skateboard

Fingerboards are miniature skateboards made of wood or plastic - wooden fingerboards being the more popular ones. Just like regular skateboards, fingerboards come with a full set of parts featuring a grip tape, hardware, two trucks, and four wheels. Finger skateboards are normally around 100 mm long and approximately 30 mm wide. This makes them easy to carry around in your pocket.

Some fingerboards come pre-assembled and are ready to be used for tricks straight out of the box. However, if you like to get technical and tinker, you can also find complete sets that need to be assembled.

Fingerboard Ramps and Rails For a Miniature Skatepark

With fingerboard rails and ramps, building a skatepark inside the house has never been easier. These miniature ramps and rails are the perfect match for your mini skateboards. They are built to imitate the shapes and features of regular-sized skatepark obstacles.

You can find everything from stair sets and iron rails to quarter pipes in a pocket-size, so you can take them anywhere in your backpack. Getting a set of various ramps and rails is not only adding fun to fingerboarding, but also develops your skills further.

The Story Behind Finger Skateboards

Fingerboards were first manufactured in the 1970s, but back then, they were primarily used as keychains by professional skaters. Fingerboards started to get more visibility in the skater scenes after a homemade fingerboard was featured in a skateboarding video “Future Primitive” in 1985. At the end of the 1990s, finger skateboards started to gain wider popularity and recognition outside the skateboarding community.

Over the years, the quality of fingerboard decks and other parts has increased. People have become aware that fingerboards are not just for show, but also a lot of fun and great for simulating real skateboard tricks.

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