Roller Hockey Wheels

Good to know

Choose the right roller hockey wheels

Street hockey wheels usually have a diameter of 76mm or 76+80mm if you use a hi-lo setup. The durometer, which is the hardness, for outdoor street roller hockey wheels is medium (81A-83A) to hard (83A-88A), whereas it’s for indoor use is slightly softer (74A-80A).

When choosing what size of roller hockey wheels to buy, you should usually just buy your new wheels in the same size as the one you want to replace. Since the frame of a hockey skate is carefully designed to fit a certain size, you will typically find “recommended wheel size” on the frame of the skates.

If the skate is optimised for a hi-lo setup, you will find different recommended wheel size on the frame. This could appear like this: 80-80-76-76 and it means you will want the two rear wheels to be 80mm, and the front wheels to be 76mm - always mount the biggest wheels in the back of the frame.

The wheels are worn out fast

Roller hockey wheels have a wide profile for maximum control in all situations. The wheels are worn out quite quickly when playing hockey since sharp turns, power brakes and slides are carried out dozens of times during a normal game. Therefore the quality and durability of the wheels are important to consider.

Take notice that most wheels are sold without bearings and in sets of four. If this is not the case it will be stated in the product description.

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