Maintenance Alpine Ski


Good ski maintenance will improve durability

For most it’s a no-brainer, that a frequent cleaning and maintenance of your skis will keep them in good condition and thereby prolong their lifetime. Here at SkatePro we are well aware of that fact, and that is why you will find a wide variety of different ski maintenance- and ski cleaning products.

As an old saying goes: “The best way to get back into shape is to never get out of shape”. The same may be said about a pair of skis. One of the best ways to keep your skis in tip-top condition is waxing. Its a easy-to-do task and should be performed regularly.

How to wax

Prior to the waxing process it is important that the skis are as clean and smooth as possible, simply to give the materials the best possible conditions for absorbing the wax. Also be sure to use base cleaner prior to waxing.

In this category you will find all the stuff you need for preparing your skis for a good waxing. If you don’t want to perform this process yourself, SkatePro provides a Basic Alpine Ski Waxing. Read more about this here.