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Skate Helmets

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Do you Need a Helmet for Skating?

A skate helmet is the most important piece of protective equipment you can wear while skating. It protects your skull against injuries from unwanted falls, and it is highly recommended if you plan to reach high speeds on your inline skates. Beginner and professional skaters should wear a helmet at all times.

A helmet for skating protects the front, back and sides of the skull. It is composed of an outer shell made with ABS plastic and a protective inner layer of EPS foam. This foam is added to absorb impacts, and together with the hard ABS shell it protects your head from fractures and concussions.

It is worth noticing that skate helmets are different from bike helmets: the former are built to resist multiple low impacts, while the latter serve to resist a single major impact. However, nowadays, there are helmets that are certified for both skating and biking: remember to check the product details to understand if a helmet is certified according to your needs.

Choosing the Right Skate Helmet

In order to achieve the best possible protection, helmets should fit properly and sit correctly on your head. They should have a snug fit and not wiggle: a skate helmet with an improper fitting may slip off your head during a fall. Before getting a new helmet, measure the circumference of your head with a measuring tape and check the sizing guide for each product.

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