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Shoot, Pass and Carry With an Ice hockey stick

Ice hockey sticks are the essential piece of equipment that you use to control the puck. Without them, scoring, dribbling and passing are impossible, even for the best NHL players. Ice hockey sticks used to be only made from wood, and while there are still top-quality sticks made this way, other sticks are being made with modern materials. Carbon Fibre and composite hockey sticks are commonly seen as the material of choice due to their lightness and durability.

What Ice hockey stick Should I Buy?

Ice hockey stick lengths and hockey flex are factors to consider when choosing a new hockey stick. As well as your size, strength and ability, personal preference plays a big part in the decision process. To find out more about these factors, check out Buying Hockey Sticks.

Junior hockey sticks are generally shorter and more flexible for younger, smaller players. The longest sticks for juniors is around 140 cm, but there are many sizes shorter than this.

Why Are Hockey Sticks Curved?

Ice hockey blades used to have a straight design, but now nearly all models have a curved blade. This is to improve the overall stick handling with the puck. The curve acts as a pocket that can collect the puck more securely and make it easier to scoop the puck around players. It also allows the player to put more spin on the puck. A puck that spins in the air is more stable as it will land flat on the ice, making the passing more accurate.

Due to the physicality of ice hockey, protecting your body is a must. Check out our Hockey Protection Equipment to stay safe on the ice.

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