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Fins and accessories for your SUP

If you need some SUP parts, some SUP gear or other SUP equipment, this is the place to look. In this category, you will find all kinds of different parts to help you keep your SUP or iSUP fit and floating for many years to come.

This is also the category, where you will find paddle bags and fins for your SUP and iSUP.

Especially the fins can be a challenge. There are many different fins, and if you don't know, what you are looking for in a fin, this process can be difficult. A Fins main job is to keep the SUP stable and allow you to manoeuvre the board as easy as possible. You can say, that the fins help you to get where YOU want, rather than letting wind and waves dictate the traveling route.

Important SUP parts are the fins

There are basically three different types of SUP fins to choose from. Flatwater SUP board fins, all-around multi-fin and the SUP race fins. We mainly sell fins for flatwater boards, so if you bought your iSUP here at SkatePro, You should go for a flatwater or a multi-fin.

ISUP boards are usually specifically designed for flat water, and these boards will have one long fin. This provides a good amount of board stability and only minimal drag, and this allows the board to travel straight during those long distances. No matter if you are touring or racing. This fin is really good for casual paddling, going shore to shore (crossing waters) or just paddling with a child or a pet.

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