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Kids Bike Helmet or Kids Skate Helmet?

A kids helmet is the most important protection of all when your child starts to bike, skate or ride a scooter.

Even though kids skate helmets and conventional bike helmets for kids have a lot in common there are some differences when it comes to safety. You need to know those before buying a kids skateboard helmet or bike one. There are two main differences:

  • Skate helmets are multi-impact resistant while conventional bike helmets need to be changed after a serious impact;
  • Skate helmets are made in a shape to protect also the back of your head while conventional bike helmets don't go all the way to your neck.

They have different testing standards and different approval stamps but many kids skateboard helmets have been approved for biking too (kids BMX helmets also included here). So always check the certificate of your child's helmet.

One certificate is often seen among our helmets, called EN 1078, which approves helmets for both skating and bike use. So if you want a kids skate, bike, BMX helmet or even a kids scooter helmet, go for one with a certificate EN 1078.

How To Place a Kids Skate Helmet Correctly?

In order to achieve the best possible protection, a good fit of kids bike helmets are essential. If your child shakes his/hers head a little and the helmet does not move, the fit should be good. Besides that, the straps of the helmet should form an Y right under the ear, without touching the ear.

All kids bike helmets come with foam pads for a better fit and comfort. Also, most helmets come with an adjustable closing system in the back to secure a proper fit.

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