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What to Wear for Skating?

Inline skating and roller skating involves plenty of motion in both your upper and lower body, skate clothing should let you swing your arms and move your legs freely. A good set of skate clothing will enable you to move your legs freely and bend smoothly. Material is also an important factor in your inline skating and roller skating outfit. Wear fast-drying and elastic fabrics that will make you flex easily when out on your wheels.

Choosing Roller Skating Clothes and Inline Clothing

First and foremost, wear a good pair of skating socks that are comfortable with breathable fabrics. Long trousers for your legs are a good inline skating clothing choice. Jeans or sweatpants are always amongst the top choice of freestyle and aggressive skaters. They are not only highly stretchable but provide cover from potential bruises.

A simple t-shirt on warm days and a skate hoodie in fall or winter is a desirable choice. Sunny days might demand a pair of sunglasses, so go for a pair of hard-plastic sports sunglasses that will not impede your sight or break if they fall.

Remember Protective Gear

It may be tempting to skip skating protective gear. However, even expert quad and inline skaters always wear a helmet and a pair of knee pads. Consider wearing wrist guards and elbow pads, especially if you are a beginner. Many skaters have implemented this kind of protection into their skate apparel and you should do no less. Protective gear can also be worn underneath your clothing if you don’t want to compromise your style.

If you do not have protective gear in your collection, visit our Skate Protective Gear page.

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