Brake Pads & Toe Stops for Roller Skates

Replace the toe stops before they are all worn out

In this category, you will find our selection of roller skate toe stops and brake pads. Most quad skates are supplied with a pre-mounted toe stop.

The brakes are a crucial part of a pair of roller skates, and it's one of the parts that will be worn out at some point. But don’t worry. The roller skate stoppers or toe stops, as they are also called are very easy to replace. You only need a few tools and a few moments of your time. There is no reason for bringing your skates to the skate shop since it is straightforward to replace.

A good advice is that you shouldn’t wait until the toe stops are all worn down before you replace them. If you wait until the very last moment it can be difficult getting the roller skate stopper off the mount. If this has already happened, you should give our support a call since they might have a few good advice on how to get them loose.

Roller skate stoppers in the rear

Most toe stops in our assortment are universal and fit almost every roller skates in the market. You will also find a few rear brakes for quad skates. This is a safety precaution that is very much appreciated for those of you who skates a lot out in the traffic.

Opposed to inline skates and inline skates all quad skates should have pre-mounted toe stops. In this category, you will only find roller skate toe stops and rear brake pads. If you are looking for brakes for your rollerblade or inline skates you should check out this category.

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