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Get Ahead With a BMX Race Fork

Like most parts of a race BMX bike, BMX racing forks are built to be as light as possible. The most important decision you need to make when choosing a new race BMX fork is the material. Forks for racing are usually made out of Chromoly steel, carbon fibre or aluminium. Chromoly steel is a great all-around option as it is lightweight but also strong and durable. Meanwhile, carbon fibre forks are the lightest material, allowing for great power transfer.

Other aspects to consider when buying a fork include the fork height, the steer diameter height, and the headset type. Remember to check in the production description that these are compatible with the parts on your current setup.

What Does Offset Mean on BMX Forks?

The fork offset is referring to the distance between the front axle and the steering axle of the fork. When it comes to race BMX, the typical offset is between 25-32mm, with an offset of 32mm common. Using a longer offset will help maximise stability, however, some riders opt for a lower offset, as this makes it easier to turn rapidly.

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