Aggressive Skates

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Aggressive skates for tricks and freestyle

If you want to use your skates for tricks and freestyle, aggressive skates are the right choice. Aggressive is a special style of inline skating, where the riders’ main intention is to perform extreme tricks. With aggressive skates you get a skate that you can use for grinds, airs, slides, switchups and at the same time they can withstand hard landings.

What characterises aggressive skates?

Aggressive skates often have very robust and durable boots, which can withstand hard impacts and protect the feet at the same time. The wheels are very small, because the skates are made for tricks and not for fast skating. Furthermore, the small wheels are practical as they never get in the way while you do tricks, for instance, grinding.

An aggressive inline skate consists of several parts: Boots, liner, cuff, plates and frame in which the wheels are placed. These parts are removable which means that you can change the parts of your aggressive skates that are worn-out or damaged. Plates and frames are the parts that are most exposed to wear. Instead of changing the wheels, you can change the entire frame and with that the wheel set-up. For example, you can choose a frame with only two wheels and a plate in the middle that makes grinding easier. To learn more about the wheel setup, you can read our guide to aggressive skates.

How can I use my aggressive skates?

Among other things, aggressive skates can be used for street skating and park skating. Street skating or freestyle skating takes place in urban settings or places that are not specially designed for tricks. When street skating, you use everyday objects such as hand rails and stairs as obstacles. Creativity and finding the right places for tricks is an important part of street skating.

Park skating takes place in skate parks made for tricks. The special-made obstacles make it possible to improve your skills and to connect a series of tricks.