BMX Sleeves

BMX sleeves for freestyle pegs

Sleeves are used together with BMX bmx pegs. Sometimes they are mistaken for one another, however, they are two different parts. A peg sleeve for a BMX bike is a type of replacement tube used for freestyle BMX bmx pegs. BMX bicycle pegs are used for grinding surfaces. You cannot avoid that your pegs will get worn down from grinding rails, curbs and ledges.

If you are riding with a BMX steel pegs you have to change the whole peg. Unlike BMX bike steel pegs, a BMX plastic peg got a sleeve around the peg itself and often you can just replace that sleeve with a new, and you are good to go.

The high slideability of plastic pegs

A lot of freestyle BMX riders prefer sleeves in plastic compared to steel, since plastic is more slideable which makes grinding easier. Most sleeves are also produced in plastic, but sleeves in steel can, however, endure more.


  • Not all pegs are compatible with sleeves.
  • Traditional steel pegs cannot be used with sleeves.

We carry a wide variety of BMX sleeves for BMX bmx pegs from some of the best brands in the world of freestyle BMX, such as Wethepeople, G-Sport, Salt, Animal Butcher and Shadow S.O.D.

If you got any questions about which sleeve to choose for your plastic pegs, or if you’re in doubt about how to change your sleeves on your BMX bike plastic pegs you are more than welcome to contact us. Find the all our contact information here.

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