Skateboard Hardware


What size of skateboard hardware do I need?

Skateboard hardware is used for attaching the trucks to your skateboard and they come in different sizes, colours and prices. The standard skateboard bolt length is ⅞-1’’ for regular skate setups. Make sure not to use bolts that are too long to avoid any snags when you grind. If you want to use riser pads to gain extra truck height, you should remember to increase the bolt length with the corresponding riser pad thickness. A high setup with longer skateboard bolts is rarely used since a high setup can easily result in losing some control over the board. This makes it harder to keep your balance when trying to land flips or jumps.

If you just bought a new set of wheels and are experiencing wheel bite you might want to consider raising your setup, and for this, you will need longer skateboard bolts and a riser pad,

Colourful skateboard bolts & nuts

One thing is performance and durability. Another thing is style and design, and luckily the one thing doesn't exclude the other.

Do you have an eye for detail? Then use colourful bolts for skateboards. At SkatePro we have bolts in fun colours for you to add a personal touch to your skateboard.

Under each product description, you can see how many bolts are included in the package.