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Classic Cross country skis For Groomed Trails

Classic cross country skiing, also known as Nordic skiing, is a fun and adventurous sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Families enjoy it for recreation and exercise, while there are competitions such as the Olympics for professional athletes.

The classic cross country skis are designed to be used on groomed trails that often have parallel tracks for the skis. The skier makes a forward striding motion, similar to walking or jogging, to move along the tracks. If you are unsure what skiing style to go for, check out Buying Cross country skis. And if besides the skis you need to buy cross country boots and poles as well, we suggest you take a look at our cross country ski packages in this category: all the right gear, all together, at a convenient price.

How Do I Pick Classic Cross country skis?


As a rule of thumb, the length of classic skis should be approximately 20-25 cm longer than the skiers’ total height. Each ski length will also have a recommended user weight interval that the skier’s weight should be within. If you are in between sizes, the more experienced skiers can choose the longer size and the less experienced can choose the shorter size.

Classic Cross country skis With Skins or Without?

The kick zone on classic cross country skis is the grippy middle section under the feet that helps you push yourself forwards. It can either be with skins or without skins, where wax or fish scales are used. The skins are generally integrated into the skis and only need replacing after many months of use. The wax option means you need to apply fresh wax when you feel the grip on the snow is decreasing. Fish scales are the simplest option as they require little maintenance but do not offer the same grip as skins and wax.

Check out Cross Country Ski Skins or Cross Country Ski Wax for more information on ski maintenance.

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