Wrist Guards


Wrist guards can save you from a bone fracture

Both beginners and experienced skaters will crash once in a while. It’s just a part of the game, and when you take a dive, you really want to wear the right protection. Besides a helmet, a set of wrist guards is the most important piece of protective gear, that you should choose. Wrist protectors are recommendable for both beginners and experienced skaters since they can protect you not only from scratches and minor injuries but also more serious injuries like bone fractures.

When involved in a crash, the body's first reflex will be to take off with the hands in an attempt to protect the head from injury. A very smart action, but it also puts the wrists in an exposed position, and that’s why you want to wear a set of high-quality wrist guards.

Skate gloves used to be uncomfortable, but they made a big step forward.

Back when skating was a new thing, the available wrist guards were not at all comfortable. Since then the different brands have put a lot of effort into developing and optimising the gloves. The wrist guards of today are much more comfortable to wear due to increased ventilation and the use of lighter and more breathable materials.

In this category, you’ll also find a wide selection of race gloves (not the same as slide gloves, used for longboarding), that offers nice protection when lying down in curves. These gloves usually have pull straps for easy take off when you are resting in between races and transit to the top of the hill.

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