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Kids BMX helmets: Keep your child safe

Your child might not be riding ramps and jumping stairs yet, but a kids BMX helmet is still essential to wear for your child to have the best possible protection.

In this category, you will find both kids BMX helmets for freestyle BMX and also kids full face bike helmets for race BMX.

The Kids BMX helmets you will find in this category are made to fit or child's head. Furthermore, all the Kids Helmets and kids full face bike helmets you will find here are labelled with the EN 1078 certificate, which means that the helmets are approved for cycling, skating, and scootering.

Why choose a Kids BMX helmets and not a regular bike helmet?

Well, though both a Kids BMX helmets and conventional bicycle helmets both protects the head, there are some differences.

Kids BMX helmets are multi-impact resistant and conventional bike helmets need to be replaced after an impact.

Kids BMX helmets are shaped to cover and protect the back of your head, most conventional bike helmets are not.

If you are in doubt about anything or have a question regarding kids BMX helmets, you can always contact our customer connection team right here

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