Ski Poles


Good to know

Find the best ski poles and keep your balance

Ski poles help you to move forward on the flat ground and provide better balance. At the lower end of the pole, usually, there is a round plastic disc, which helps to prevent the ski pole from sinking significantly into the snow.

Aluminium ski poles

Ski poles made out of aluminium are quality ski poles at an affordable price. For many years, aluminium ski poles have been the most common type of ski poles used between skiers.

Composite ski poles

The material used to produce composite ski poles is a fibre mixture, which makes them very light and flexible. This type of ski poles is getting more and more popular since they’re very comfortable and great for turns.

Carbon ski poles

If you want top equipment within the ski pole family, a ski pole made of carbon fibre is an excellent choice. These types of ski poles deliver maximum performance and a great skiing experience on the slopes.

How long should a ski pole be?

Ski poles have just the right length if your forearms are horizontal when you put the ski pole right next to you on the ground. If you cannot find the right length, it is better to choose ski poles that are a bit too short than a bit too long. If you ski a lot in the park, it might be a good idea to buy ski poles that are 10-20 cm shorter than normal.

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