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Ski poles Are Essential for Balance

Ski poles are essential gear for every skier. They provide balance when skiing and help you to move around when hiking in the backcountry. The length and material of ski poles vary, but they are all constructed from the same parts.

Every ski pole has a strap to allow tension between the wrist and the pole for better pushes. Straps also make sure the poles won’t get dropped so easily when skiing. At the lower end of the pole, there is usually a round plastic disc that prevents the ski pole from sinking deep into the snow.

Alpine Ski Pole Materials

Alpine ski poles are made from a few different materials. The material of the ski poles determines the weight and durability of poles. For many years, aluminium ski poles have been the most common type of ski poles used between skiers. They are of good quality, come at affordable prices, making them a great choice especially for beginners and recreational skiers

Some other popular materials are composite and carbon fibre. Carbon fibre ski poles are stiff and low in weight. This combination provides great performances on the slopes and fast times needed for competitions, which is why they are often preferred by more advanced skiers. Composite ski poles are getting more and more popular since they are comfortable to handle and great for smooth turns.

How Long Should an Alpine Ski Pole Be?

Determining the right ski pole length depends on the skiing style and preference. As a general rule of thumb, choose rather a bit too short ski poles than a bit too long.

For park skiers, it might be a good idea to buy ski poles that are 10-20 cm shorter than normal. As for ski touring, it is recommended to get adjustable ski poles. Uphill ascend requires different lengths while downhill the poles should be shorter, which makes adjustable ski touring poles the perfect choice. You can also check our Ski Pole Length Size chart that gives an indication of the correct length.

Are you a cross country skier? If yes, feel free to check our selection of Cross Country Ski poles.

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