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Improve responsiveness and ride in style with a new stunt scooter clamp

On this page, you will find a wide selection of colourful clamps for scooter. They come in many shapes and designs to match your taste and style. Besides the stunt scooter clamps practical use, it's also a great part to replace for giving your scooter a personal and visual touch.

Clamps for scooters are used to connect the fork of your scooter with the bar. It is also a necessary part to complete your stunt scooter setup. When the scooter clamp is tightened, it makes sure that the fork and bar do not move while you are riding your scooter.

This is important when performing stunts where safety always is key. Stunt scooter clamps also make sure that the wheel follows the same direction as your bar when you turn it. This feature helps you to always go in your desired direction. If you start experiencing problems with your scooters responsiveness, the problem will often found in the clamps. Often it will be enough to tighten the bolts, but a replacement might also be necessary in some cases.

Types of scooter clamps

Stunt scooter clamps are available in two different sizes:

  • Regular scooter clamps - have an inner diameter of 32mm and fit Regular bars.
  • Oversized scooter clamps - have an inner diameter of 35mm and fit Oversized bars.

SCS clamps have built-in SCS system and function as a compression system and clamp at the same time. These are also available in 2 sizes.

Note that some scooter clamps are compatible with both Regular and Oversized bars due to an inner shim.

Check out our selection of scooter clamps and find one that gives that extra wow factor to your scooter.

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