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What Does a Scooter Clamp Do?

A stunt scooter clamp keeps your bar fixed to the fork of your scooter. When tightened, a clamp ensures that the fork and the bar do not move while you are riding.

Clamps come in different sizes determined by the number of bolts they use: single, double, triple and quad. However, it is rare to find single clamps for trick scooters. Always make sure to get the right size clamp with the right diameter to ensure compatibility. Often, the specification or manual will tell you what size clamp to get.

Standard vs Oversized Clamps

Clamps come in standard and oversized versions based on their inner diameter. Standard clamps have an inner diameter of 32 mm and fit standard bars. Oversized scooter clamps have an inner diameter of 35 mm and fit oversized bars. However, by using an inner shim, it is possible for some oversized clamps to be used to fit standard bars.

What Are SCS Clamps?

SCS (standard compression system) clamps have a built-in compression mechanism that functions as both a clamp and a compression system. SCS scooter clamps come in triple and quad sizes and are known for being easy to maintain and a stable link between your fork and bar. With SCS clamps, you cannot use a bar with a slit unless you have an adapter. So, by using SCS, you reduce the risk of the bar snapping and are able to adjust the height without needing to cut the slit.

If you want to know more about clamps, check out our guide on Buying Scooter Clamps.

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