Skateboard Accessories

Skateboard accessories to keep you going

If you are going to assemble your skateboard yourself or you are in need of spare parts such as screws, bushings or griptape, you can find what you need in this category. You will also find skate wax for optimising your grinding skills. In other words, this is the place to look if you need the right parts for keeping your skateboard in a great condition.

If you need to rise your board a little bit due to regular wheelbites, we have a lot of different risers in various height and hardness, so we are absolutely sure, that you will find a riser that with your needs.

Skate trainer 2.0 breaks the learningcurve

If you want to learn new trick fast, we have just the product that you need. The Skate trainer 2.0 will give you absolutely top value for the time you invests in learning new trick, jumps and kicks.

When mounting the Skate Trainer 2.0 on your wheels, your board will go nowhere. It will stand perfectly still on any underlay and you don't have to worry about crashing or landing on your hip when practising a new trick. This will also give you more time to practise, since you don't have to waste time on chasing your board down the street. The Skate Trainer 2.0 is very easy to mount and also very easy to take off, when you want to take your board for a real spin and try your new tricks while in motion.