Cross Country Ski Skins


Replace Your Cross Country Ski Skins for Maximum Grip

Skins for cross country skiing are used to grip the snow so that the skiers can push forwards and glide along the track. Also known as Nordic ski skins, they are made out of mohair or nylon material and are positioned on the ski base, directly underneath the bindings. This area of the skis is called the “kick zone” as the skins provide grip to kick against. The remaining area of the ski base towards the tips and tails is known as the glide zone, which is the smooth surface that easily glides across the snow.

Cross country ski skins are only used for the classic and backcountry style of skiing. Due to the style and movements of cross country skate skiing, skins are not required.

Cross Country Skins vs Wax

The two main methods to grip the snow in cross country skiing, are skins or wax. Fish scales are another alternative, but not as common as the two mentioned above.

Cross country skins are a popular option because of how easy they are to maintain without sacrificing a huge drop in performance compared to wax. The nylon or mohair skins will work in a wide range of snow conditions and temperatures. They only need to be washed occasionally and replaced when they no longer grip as they should or the condition deteriorates.

Depending on which model of cross country skins skis, skins can come integrated into the base already, or with an attachment system that allows you to attach or remove the skins as you wish.

Cross country ski wax gives you the opportunity to apply particular types of wax according to weather conditions. You have control over the amount you apply and when you need to reapply it. Waxing your skis to perform at their best requires time and effort, but when it is done correctly, the results are a more efficient gripping and gliding pair of skis. You can find cross country ski wax and other accessories at Cross Country Ski Wax.

Looking after your skis and skins will give you a better experience when you are out in the snow. For ski skin care products and much more, check out Cross Country Ski Tools & Ski Maintenance Equipment.

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