Cruiser Board Griptape

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Do Cruiser Boards Need Gripape?

Yes! Complete cruiser boards will usually come with grip tape to ensure that you can stay in control when riding around town. However, cruiser grip tape will wear down over time. When you notice that the grip tape is starting to lose its stick, then it’s a sign that you need to replace it. While grip tape for cruiser boards is usually black, getting new tape with colourful designs or a branded logo is also a good way to customise the look of your board.

With a pennyboard, the waffle design on the top of the board should provide you with enough grip so that you don’t need to use tape. However, if you do want to ensure that you have the maximum grip or just want to customise the look of your board, then you can of course apply some pennyboard grip tape.

If you’re looking for some stickers to decorate your cruiser board, then have a look at our Cruiser Skateboard Merchandise.

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