Ice Hockey Gear


Ice hockey Gear That Keeps You Prepared

Ice hockey is a fast-action, physical sport where you demand a lot from your skating equipment. Looking after your ice skate gear and replacing the smaller parts frequently can extend the equipment’s life span. This will keep you performing at your best and save your bank account from a few larger purchases. Players in NHL teams will carry a huge amount of ice hockey accessories in their kit bags, but there is no reason for you not to carry a few of your own.

Ice hockey Skate Guards Will Protect The Blades

The blades on ice hockey skates are precious, and skaters like to have them as sharp as possible. This gives them the best control on the ice. Ice hockey skate guards are protective covers that are placed over the sharp blades when they are not in use. This prevents the blades from getting damaged inside your kit bag, locker room and also protects your hands from getting cut.

Besides the hockey stick and skates, another essential piece of ice hockey equipment is skate laces. If you are a regular player, you will probably work your way through quite a few metres of hockey skate laces throughout your career. Luckily ice hockey laces are both easy and cheap to replace.

You can also find ice hockey mouth guards in this category, but for the larger body pads and helmets, check out Hockey Protection Equipment.

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