Ice hockey gear


Ice hockey laces and other ice hockey gear

Besides the blade and boot an essential part of an ice hockey skate is the laces, and if you are a regular player, you will probably work your way through quite a few metres of ice hockey laces through your career. Luckily the ice hockey laces are both easy and cheap to replace. In this category, you will find different kinds of hockey laces of the best quality, and we guarantee you, that we carry at least one set of ice hockey laces that fits your needs and style.

This is also the category where you’ll find all that ice hockey gear that we couldn’t fit in the other categories.

No matter if you are new to ice hockey or has been playing for years, it’s always important that the blades of your ice skates are clean and sharp. For this purpose, we carry a blade sharpener from Tempish. We also have the light edition from Prosharp. This small blade-optimizer are designed to be as little as possible, and that is the reason why many players bring it along to the field, for use in icing and penalty breaks.

Learn to play ice hockey

Starting playing ice hockey is not as easy as getting into playing street hockey. Especially young children might tend to give up ice hockey even before they get the hang of it. Therefore it’s important that you teach your children how to skate before you send them to their first ice hockey training session. Our skate trainer from Tempish is a great tool for getting beginners going.

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