Pogo stick


The pogo stick is a spring stilt used for stunts and the action sport Extreme pogo, also known as Xpogo.

The pogo stick is a development of the spring stilt, but contrary to the toy version of the spring stilt, the pogo stick is a more durable, high performance version, built for stunts. The stunts are often made in urban settings, because the Pogo stick is easy to bring along, and you do not need a lot of space to perform stunts with it.

The development of the Pogo stick

Spring stilts or pogo sticks have been known for several years. Many people associate them with a children’s toy. However, some time around the new millennium, the action sport Xpogo emerged, and several people started to perform stunts and tricks on their pogo sticks. However, at this point the extreme pogo sticks were not yet invented. In 2004, the first extreme pogo sticks were released. These pogo sticks were designed to carry taller and heavier riders than the classic sticks. Furthermore, they had more advanced springs than the conventional steel springs. The pogostick manufacturers continue to develop the materials and technologies to create durable, high performance pogo sticks.

Pogo sticks are for everybody who wants to try a new fun action sport, and there are several stunts to try out, such as stick flips and back flips.