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Water Sports

Within the last few years, we have seen a drastic increase in the popularity of almost every water sports out there - and with good reason. Not many things are as thrilling and fun as a day out on the ocean catching waves or being towed by a boat or the wind.

If you love the ocean and water sports you have found the right place. Here at SkatePro we sell everything you need for every popular water sports category. Kiteboards, water skis, wakeboards, SUPs, skimboards and kneeboards.

If you are looking for a new wetsuit or some protection for your favourite water sports you will also be able to find this in the subcategories.

Watersport - both for fun and relaxation

The range of different water sports is very wide and we believe, that there's a water sport that fits everyone. In the SkatePro-spirit, we focus on the high-speed and high-intensity water sports.

That being said, you will still find wetsuits and other all-around equipment that's suitable for the entire water sports spectrum.

If you are into high-speed kitesurfing, you might want to check out our foil section. Here you'll find hydrofoil boards, that lift you off the waves and reduces the draft, which gives you the possibility to reach higher speeds even in limited wind conditions.

The best water sports brands

We only carry quality products from the best and most popular brands in the world. So if you want to be sure to get a board or a wetsuit that will last for many years this is the place to look.