What Is Freestyle Inline Skating and Who Is it For?

Freeskating, commonly known as freestyle inline skating or urban skating, is a style of skating placed in between fitness skating and aggressive skating. This particular style is often performed in cities and urban environments. The skates feature hard boots to withstand impacts and high-cuffs for improved ankle support. Freeskates are often favored by both advanced riders and beginners approaching skating for the first time.

Freeskating Styles: Urban and Slalom

These types of skates are among the most versatile inline skates available. Offer the same mobility and speed as recreational skates and can also be used for urban skating or slalom skating.

Urban skating

In this particular skating style, freestyle skaters can use freeskates to either just cruise from one place to another in the city or perform aggressive skating style tricks. When urban skating, riders often prefer using 90mm up to 110mm sized wheels as they make inline skates easier to control on some of the rough surfaces found in the cities.

Slalom skating

Performed on smooth surfaces, slalom skating is a highly technical style where riders perform tight turns and tricks through equally distanced cones. Advanced slalom skaters also make dancing style moves when passing cones during skating sessions and competitions. For this discipline, riders mount 76mm, 80mm or 84mm wheels to their skates granting the best manoeuvrability needed to perform tricks.

Is Freeskating Right for You?

Deciding if you want to embrace freestyle skating and start learning how to roll in urban environments highly depends on where you live. Although the skates used for this discipline are highly versatile, this style of skating is optimal for skaters living in towns and cities with large flat roads. Suburban areas or big parking lots are also awesome environments for freestyle skating.

If you consider yourself a fitness skater preferring long rides in the countryside, freeskates can still provide a great experience. Especially if you are looking for a robust pair with high power transfer and good acceleration levels.

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