Ice hockey equipment

Good to know

Ice hockey is a sport which you need a lot of equipment for. We have a large range of ice hockey equipment, such as ice hockey skates, sticks and other accessories. No matter if you are just getting started with the sport or if you are playing hockey on a high level, we have ice hockey equipment that suits your needs.

Ice hockey equipment – What to wear

Ice hockey is a full-contact sport, meaning that much of the game revolves around physical contact. This makes it a sport with a high risk of injuries. Because ice hockey is a rough sport, it is important to use protective gear when you play. Protective gear includes helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth guards, protective gloves, hockey trousers (padded shorts) and shinguards. In addition to the protective gear, the ice hockey skates and the ice hockey sticks are essential equipment that you require. If you are looking for protection, skates or sticks, you can have a look at these categories.

More about ice hockey

Ice hockey is a sport with two teams of six players each, of which one is a goalie. The five players on the ice rink are usually divided into three forward players and two defensive players. A game lasts for 60 minutes if it isn’t extended into overtime.

The game of ice hockey has had many different names and various rules throughout the years. One of the first versions of the sport was similar to golf, but of course played on ice. It's from here that the sport has developed since the end of the 1800s. In 1875 the first organised games of ice hockey were played. Professional ice hockey has existed since the beginning of the 20th Century.

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