Snowboard Goggle Lenses

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How to Choose Snowboard Goggle Lenses

Having more than one snowboard lens will ensure that you can cruise the slopes whatever weather conditions you encounter throughout the day. The different colour lenses are not just for style but are designed for specific weather and lighting conditions.

The thing you need to consider here is VLT - standing for visible light transmission. Measured as a percentage, the VLT means how much light passes through the lens. When it comes to colours, if you’re snowboarding on a bright day, then go for a darker colour. If you’re out riding in lower light, then choose a yellow, amber or rose colour. To read more about choosing the right lens, check out our Snowboard and Ski goggles Guide.

Of course, when choosing an interchangeable lens, the snow goggles need to be compatible.

How to Clean Snow Goggle Lenses

Cleaning your snowboard lenses will keep them in good condition, but it’s important to do it right so that they are not damaged in the process. In general, avoid using any kind of product to clean the lens, as this can often be harmful. To clean your outer lens, first, shake off any snow that’s stuck to the goggles. Next, instead of wiping, lightly blot or dab the lens with a microfiber cloth so that any excess wetness is removed.

Follow the same process with the inside of the lens. However, it’s especially important to be careful with this as it is where the anti-fog coating is located and can be easily damaged. A common tip is to avoid touching the inside of your lens as much as possible, so you won’t need to get rid of any finger marks.

However, if you do think that it is time for a whole new pair of goggles, then head to our Snowboard Goggles page.

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