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What BMX bike seat should I choose?

A BMX race doesn't take more than between 30-40 seconds. Race BMX riders rarely use their BMX bike seats for sitting on while riding.

The main purpose of the BMX bike seat is to avoid the rider is getting speared by the BMX frame when landing after a big jump or racing over the rollers.

Since the overall theme of the race BMX bikes is to save weight, the seat is also minimised as much as possible.

A typical race BMX seat is a thin plastic or nylon shell, with absolutely zero comforts. The BMX seat here is acting as a frame/wheel guard, protecting the rider's rear end from major hits.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few different seats on the market. Most race BMX riders aim for the BMX seat with the lowest weight, but some riders use their race BMX bikes for transportation. If this is the case for you, it would be a great idea to have a comfortable spare seat in your repertoire.

In our selection of race BMX seats, you’ll find models and designs from brands such as BSD, Ciari, Cult, Eclat, Fiend, Haro, Odyssey, Premium, Shadow, Simple, Staats, Subrosa and Wethepeople.

Seat post

The seat post is the tube that connects your BMX bike saddle to the frame. Most BMX saddle posts are adjustable, so you can fit the seat to fit your height. In this category, you’ll find seat posts for both tripod and pivotal seats. The seat post you’ll find in our selection is made from aluminium to keep the weight as low as possible.

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